11:54 / 17.02.2024

A new SEZ to appear near Andijan for projects of Chinese investors

It is planned to create a furniture making complex and a special “jewelry” zone in the region.

Photo: Presidential press service

Recently, Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on the topic of socio-economic development of the Andijan region.

The President noted a significant decrease in unemployment in the region in recent years (from 9.1% to 7%), as well as an increase in income from business. Now it is necessary to lift another 400 thousand people out of poverty, including through the creation of 335 thousand jobs.

For this purpose, it is planned to allocate 8 trillion soums for business projects. It was instructed to make the Khodjaabad, Shahrikhan, and Bulakbashi districts “exemplary” in the fight against poverty.

Of the 225 thousand registered self-employed, every fifth has already become an individual entrepreneur thanks to financial support. The goal is to ensure the opening of at least one microcredit organization in all parts of the region in order to stimulate the transition of another 40 thousand people.

The head of state announced the introduction of subsidies for training centers teaching German and French for each graduate who received a B2 certificate or higher. This should promote interest in learning foreign languages.

The president also noted the low diversification of enterprises in the region related to the automotive industry. It is planned to allocate 330 billion soums to a project to produce eco-leather products in Shakhrikhan, alternative to covers and seats for cars.

The opportunity was noted to launch projects for processing raw materials for construction materials – marble, basalt, silicate sand – for $150 million. In addition, it is planned to create two porcelain factories for export to neighboring markets.

In addition, Mirziyoyev called for increasing the processing of cotton fiber in the region to 100% and launching projects in the textile sector for $150 million. Ready-made buildings will be built to house new factories with further sale to businesses in installments.

Furniture business has been assigned as another driving direction. 50 billion soums will be allocated for the construction of a furniture production complex in the Altinkul district.

The head of state pointed out the interest of Chinese and Hungarian pharmaceutical companies in creating production facilities in Andijan. For this purpose, it is planned to create a cluster, as well as introduce compensation for the costs of registering drugs and inviting technologists.

Also, a new “Silk road” SEZ will appear in the Andijan region. It will house more than 30 projects with the participation of investors from China worth $3 billion – in the fields of energy, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, textiles, and agriculture.

The President noted the importance of developing infrastructure on the border with Kyrgyzstan. He instructed to create a logistics center near the Khanabad border post, as well as to accelerate the construction of the Uchkurgan-Kentsai checkpoint in the neighboring Namangan region.

Mirziyoyev pointed to opportunities for trade tourism. It is planned to create “gastronomic” streets in Andijan, shopping centers in Khodjaabad, Khanabad, Kurgantepa, and a special jewelry zone in the Andijan region.

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