11:09 / 22.02.2024

Individual who promised to sell a land plot for $1.3 million arrested in Tashkent region

During the joint event in the city of Tashkent, the situation related to the looting of land resources was put to an end.

Photo: MIA

According to the report of the MIA Rapid Investigation Department, on January 26, employees of the MIA Criminal Investigation Service and the Department of Combating Corruption and Economic Crimes, in cooperation with the PGO Department for Combating Economic Crimes conducted held an operative event in the Yashnabad district, Tashkent city.

During the event, it was revealed that the 47-year-old founder of the LLC wanted to give another citizen 6.7 hectares of land allocated to the LLC in the Urta Chirchik district of Tashkent region for a total of 1 million 340 thousand dollars and 2 hectares of land in the reserve of the district administration adjacent to it for 10 thousand dollars for use for a period of 10 years; he promised to get the documents formalized through his acquaintances in the cadaster department.

During the joint operation, the suspect was caught red-handed when he received $50,000 as an advance in a café on Botkina Street, Yashnabad district.

A criminal case has been opened, an investigation is underway.

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