21:13 / 20.04.2024

Uzbekistan's digital sector receives $50 million boost from World Bank

The project aims to develop the digital economy and create jobs in the IT sector.

Photo: World Bank

The Ministry of Economy and Finance and the World Bank have signed an agreement for a preferential credit of $50 million for the implementation of the "Digital Inclusion" project, according to the press service of the international organization.

Recently, World Bank Vice President for Europe and Central Asia, Anna Bjerde, and Deputy Prime Minister, head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance Jamshid Kuchkarov, discussed market reforms and government strategies to respond to climate change consequences in Washington.

In particular, the funded project is aimed at building a digital economy and creating new jobs in the IT services sector.

As part of the "Digital Inclusion" initiative, IT Park will organize training for residents of rural and remote areas up to 30 years old, and will also launch programs to attract IT companies.

Additionally, 11 IT service centers will be created to stimulate the opening of regional offices by technology companies, which will be provided with financial incentives to expand their staff.

Another direction includes the employment of 9,000 young people, including 4,500 women and 360 individuals with disabilities, in IT companies, as well as the training of 6,200 people in digital skills, communications, and foreign languages. The project also envisages the development of the legislative framework in Uzbekistan's IT sector.

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