09:25 / 18.05.2024

Uzbekistan and Malaysia set joint goals for 2030 Vision

On May 17, the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and the Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim held negotiations in Tashkent and addressed the media, sharing insights from their productive summit.

According to the presidential press service, the meeting was conducted in a spirit of mutual respect, with both leaders commending the outcomes favorably.

President Mirziyoyev highlighted the shared cultural and religious heritage that has historically united the Uzbek and Malaysian people, underscoring their deeply rooted ties.

"Malaysia's vibrant development pace sets a global standard, and we are proud of our enduring partnership. This connection is reflected in our shared Independence Day – August 31," remarked President Mirziyoyev.

The leaders pointed out the commonalities between their national strategies, "Uzbekistan – 2030" and "Malaysia Madani", emphasizing their aligned goals for economic and social modernization.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim's historic visit marks a new chapter in Uzbek-Malaysian relations and is expected to invigorate further collaboration.

The discussions identified priorities and new horizons for enhancing reciprocal beneficial ties, with an agreement to deepen political communication and establish a bilateral Intergovernmental Commission.

Both nations expressed eagerness to elevate their relationship to a comprehensive partnership, focusing on increased trade and the creation of joint ventures. They resolved to initiate structured efforts to boost cooperation metrics.

President Mirziyoyev underlined that diversifying trade goods, balanced reciprocal trade, third-country market access, and a specialized industrial zone for high-tech initiatives will contribute to achieving these goals.

The parties scoped out concrete plans for collaboration across various sectors including energy, petrochemicals, mining, electronics, agriculture, food production, pharmaceuticals, finance, IT, and more.

Confidence was conveyed regarding the positive impact of the forthcoming business forum in Samarkand, anticipated to witness engagements from leading firms and a substantial suite of investment agreements, thereby reinforcing the partnership.

Both governments reaffirmed their commitment to ongoing dialogue and support within regional and global forums.

A range of cultural and humanitarian initiatives were planned to bolster engagement, including mutual cultural weeks, forums for youth, education, sports, and exhibitions.

The summit's outcomes are set to fortify Uzbek-Malaysian relations and infuse the diverse partnership with novel, actionable initiatives.

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