14:29 / 20.05.2024

5-year-old child die from electric shock in Samarkand

A 5-year-old boy grabbed an electrical wire and died on the spot from electric shock.

Photo: Pixabay

In the Nurabad district (Samarkand region), a 5-year-old boy died from electric shock, the press service of the Children’s Ombudsman reported.

It turned out that on May 16, the boy grabbed an electric wire running in the “Omondora” mahalla in the village of Chunkaymish. As a result of electric shock, he died at the scene.

Based on this fact, a forensic medical examination was ordered to establish the causes of the child’s death. An internal inspection has been ordered against Samarkand Regional Electricity Networks JSC.

Currently, the Nurabad district prosecutor’s office is conducting a pre-investigation check.