14:11 / 22.05.2024

Azerbaijan eyes to build a five-star hotel in Tashkent

It is planned to establish a 5-star hotel under the Ritz Carlton brand in the capital.

The Tashkent city administration announced the plan of practical actions for the implementation of investment deals and agreements reached within the framework of the III Tashkent International Investment Forum.

According to the “roadmap”, it is envisaged to establish a 5-star hotel under the Ritz Carlton brand. The hotel, whose value is estimated at $200 million, will be built by Pasha Development of Azerbaijan and handed over in March 2025.

China’s Guangdong Zomman Energy technology company will install 100 MW of solar panels on the roofs of industrial enterprises located in Tashkent. The cost of the project is $100 million, it is scheduled to be launched in March 2025.

The Russian company “Stroitel-98” plans to establish an “A” logistics center in the “Yangi Avlod” special industrial zone. $158 million will be spent on it, it will be commissioned in December 2026.

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