14:20 / 24.05.2024

Alisher Yusupov wins a bronze medal at World Judo Championship

Our compatriot competed in the weight category over 100 kg. This is his second bronze medal at the world championships.

Photo: Olympic.uz

Competitions in the individual program of the World Judo Championship have ended in the capital of the UAE. Alisher Yusupov, a member of the Uzbekistan national team who performed today, won a bronze medal in the weight category over 100 kg. In the fight for third place, our compatriot managed to defeat the 2022 world champion, Cuban Andy Granda, and for the second time won the bronze medal of the planet championship.

Thus, domestic judokas completed the competition in the individual program with 1 silver and 1 bronze medal. Today, Uzbek judokas will compete in the mixed team program.

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