10:42 / 24.05.2024

Tashkent Pharma Park to implement 12 projects worth $470 million

By 2025, due to industry digitization, there is a mandate to reduce pharmaceutical prices by 20%.

Photo: Presidential press service 

Tashkent Pharma Park plans to implement 12 investment projects totaling $470 million, according to the press service of the president.

For financing new projects in the pharmaceutical industry, $100 million of "inexpensive resources" have been allocated, and Asakabank has attracted $200 million.

Since the beginning of the year, two projects worth $30.5 million have been launched, creating 160 jobs and producing products worth 1.5 trillion UZS while exporting $51 million worth of goods.

In 2024, the park aims to produce goods worth $400 million and increase exports to $200 million.

The future roadmap includes launching 147 projects worth a total of $2 billion, with 28 scheduled to become operational this year, contributing to the localization of 450 new types of products.

The president emphasized the need to saturate the domestic market with domestic products.

To transition production to international standards and ensure a balance of price and quality, the objective is to reach 65% digitization in the sector this year and to fully complete it by 2025.

As a result, drug prices are expected to decrease by at least 20%.

In January, instructions were given to establish a biotechnological cluster in Tashkent Pharma Park. The president's decree has set forth a roadmap to expedite the implementation of pharmaceutical projects by the end of 2025.

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