16:09 / 27.05.2024

Uzbekistan set for digital leap with unified citizen register in 2025

From January 1, 2025, Uzbekistan will implement a Unified Electronic Register that will encompass personal data and the citizenship status of individuals.

A presidential decree "On the Administrative Reforms to Further Increase the Responsibility of Justice Institutions and Establish a Streamlined Management System" has been adopted.

The register will effectively become the single electronic database for the personal information of Uzbek citizens, foreign nationals residing permanently in Uzbekistan, and stateless persons.

This initiative will integrate with the information systems of relevant state agencies and organizations. It will be utilized to provide state services to citizens, formalize notarial acts, and facilitate services in banking, utilities, insurance, and other public sectors.

Administration of the register will be conducted by the Personalization Agency under the Ministry of Justice.

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