19:56 / 31.05.2024

Enforcement Bureau encumbered by debt case, owes millions to Caravan Group LLC

The Compulsory Enforcement Bureau owes 512 million UZS to "Caravan Group" LLC. The Bureau's Yunusabad district division is handling the collection, and they have placed restrictions on the property and vehicles owned by the central apparatus of the Enforcement Bureau to recover the debt.

According to reports, the primary portion of the total debt is supposed to be collected for the benefit of "Caravan Group" LLC. For the recovery of this particular debt from the Enforcement Bureau, decisions to restrict the property and vehicles were issued by the Bureau on April 22, 2024.

The press service of the Enforcement Bureau informed Kun.uz that the Bureau's Yunusabad district division has an execution document alleging that "Caravan Group" LLC should collect a debt of 512 million 557 thousand UZS and post expenses of 30 thousand UZS from the Enforcement Bureau, based on the execution sheet of the Tashkent Interdistrict Economic Court. This execution document was received by the Bureau's Yunusabad district division on April 17, 2024.

"According to current legislation, the execution document must be implemented within two months from the expiry of the voluntary period. Accordingly, the execution of the execution document will be ensured within the set term," states the response.

The press service of the Enforcement Bureau has not disclosed the reason for the incurred debt to "Caravan Group" LLC.

Based on open data, the activities of "Caravan Group" LLC have been ceased. The LLC was engaged in the operation of restaurants and the delivery of food products.

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