14:43 / 01.06.2024

Hungarian tourism company deepening partnership with Uzbekistan

The Ambassador of Uzbekistan Oybek Shakhavdinov met with the MD of the Hungarian travel company OTP Travel, Judit Molnar.

Photo: Dunyo IA

During the negotiations, Judit Molnar highly appreciated the active development of relations between Hungary and Uzbekistan, especially in the context of expanding the tourism sector.

She noted that the expected resumption of air flights on the Tashkent-Budapest-Tashkent route from June 30 will be an important step and a powerful incentive for a significant increase in the number of tourists traveling from Hungary to Uzbekistan. “With such a convenient and direct route, tourism opportunities for both countries are expected to expand, as well as cultural and economic exchange between them,” she said.

The meeting also discussed plans to organize a number of joint events in the tourism sector aimed at attracting more tourists from Hungary wishing to visit Uzbekistan.