09:17 / 05.06.2024

Construction of a ski complex kicks off in Shakhrisabz

The President ordered the establishment of a tourism cluster in the city and district of Shakhrisabz. The construction of a ski resort on an area of 3,000 hectares began there.

Photo: Presidential press service

Under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoev, a videoconference meeting was held to discuss measures to improve the tourism infrastructure in the regions and increase the flow of foreign tourists.

According to the press service of the President, the construction of a 3,000-hectare ski complex between Gelon and Sarchashma villages of Shakhrisabz district has begun. A master plan is also being developed for the village of Miraki.

The history and nature of this district are remarkable. In addition, the city of Shakhrisabz has been declared the “tourism capital of 2024” by the Economic Cooperation Organization.

Therefore, a number of measures for the development of tourism were determined there. First, a tourism cluster will be established in Shakhrisabz city and Shahrisabz district. The 33-kilometer Khisorak-Gelon and Khisorak-Sarchashma roads will be expanded and repaired. The “Chirakchi-Shurkuduk” highway will be maintained, and the travel time from Samarkand to Shakhrisabz will be reduced.

3 hydroelectric power stations with a capacity of 24 megawatts will be put into operation on the Oksu river passing through Gelon. As a result, there will be no electricity problems in the tourism cluster. Shakhrisabz tourism technical school trains 100 specialists per year based on the Swiss program.

It was noted that such work can be done in 20 districts with high tourism potential, such as Akhhangaran, Urgut, Nurota, Yangikurgan, Pop, Chortok, Boysun, Sariosiyo, Bakhmal, Fergana. Officials were instructed to develop a master plan in this regard with the involvement of foreign consultants.

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