14:30 / 08.06.2024

Environmental inspector beaten during night duty in Khorezm region

Inspector of the Khorezm National Natural Park Amurbek Orinov was injured while on duty. He was beaten by a farm manager during his night duty.

As stated by the Ministry of Ecology, the “Amudaryo Oltin Balik” farm flooded the area where 3,000 elm seedlings were planted in the spring of 2024 as part of the nationwide “Yashil Makon” project.

Water leaked into the area with seedlings from the adjacent rice field, which could have killed them. The administration of the Khorezm National Natural Park issued an order to the farm to eliminate the identified violations.

However, the head of the farm A.U. ignored the warning and continued watering the rice. On June 4, around midnight, an inspector, while walking around the territory, tried to prevent the violation, but the farmer, who was intoxicated, caused him bodily harm.

The inspector was hospitalized at the Yangibazar regional emergency medical care facility. Relevant documents on this situation have been sent to the district police department.

According to the Ministry of Ecology, the head of “Amudaryo Oltin Balik” had previously committed a violation on the territory of the Khorezm National Natural Park and “received appropriate punishment”.

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