15:55 / 11.06.2024

Uzbekistan permits installing EV chargers at home, introduces new tariff incentives for nighttime charging

For owners of electric vehicles who have installed meters on home charging devices, a preferential tariff will apply at night.

Photo: Reuters

In Uzbekistan, it will be allowed to install charging stations with a capacity of up to 22 kilowatts on the streets and around apartment buildings, and up to 7 kilowatts in homes.

It was noted during a video conference meeting chaired by the president that in the last three years, the number of electric vehicles in the country has increased tenfold, reaching 35 thousand units. This growth necessitates new charging capacities as the electric grid develops.

Charging stations will be installed at car parks of state institutions, shopping centers, hotels, and recreational areas.

In addition, a night tariff will be introduced, encouraging the charging of electric vehicles at homes. For residents who have installed meters on their charging devices, a preferential tariff for charging will be applied at night.

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