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Uzbekistan and China plan to increase flight frequency to 100 per week

From June 17 to 21, the "C5+1 China-Central Asia Civil Aviation Conference" took place in Xi'an, China. During the conference, discussions between the aviation authorities of Uzbekistan and China led to revisions in the bilateral intergovernmental Air Transport Agreement, resulting in a substantial increase in the number of flights conducted between the two nations, as well as the opening of new air routes.

The Uzbek side proposed removing restrictions on the number of airlines and flight destinations under the Agreement, increasing the current number of flights to a total of 100 per week from each side, expanding flight geography, and initiating new air routes.

Following the negotiations, the aviation administrations of both countries signed the necessary documents, resulting in the following agreements:

- The number of airlines authorized to conduct regular flights between Uzbekistan and China has doubled.

- The number of cities from which Uzbekistan’s airlines can operate regular flights to China has been increased to 12.

- Chinese designated airlines have been granted the right to operate regular flights from any city in China to all international airports in Uzbekistan's provinces.

- The right was given to increase the number of existing flights from 15 per week to 50, bringing the total number of weekly regular passenger flights between the two countries to 100.

- Designated airlines from both sides have been granted the fifth freedom of the air rights to operate cargo flights via all destinations in Uzbekistan and China to third countries, with up to 21 flights per week.

- Designated airlines from China have been granted the right to conduct passenger flights via the international airports of Samarkand and Nukus in Uzbekistan, and designated airlines from Uzbekistan via the international airports of Xi'an and Chengdu in China to third countries, with up to 7 flights per week for each route under the fifth freedom of the air.

Furthermore, Uzbekistan’s designated airlines gained the right to use the "Special Open Sky" regime implemented at the coastal tourist international airports of Haikou, Sanya, and Qionghai in China and to operate flights under the fifth freedom of the air rights.

It is noted that a series of relevant agreements were also reached regarding the code-share agreement, aircraft leasing, and charter flights.

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