SOCIETY | 15:58 / 26.06.2024
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Truck rams into 4 cars in Parkent district

In the Parkent district of Tashkent, a truck collided with four cars due to failure to maintain a distance, the press service of the regional police department reported.

Photo: MIA Traffic Safety Department

The incident occurred on June 22 around 11:30 on the 56th kilometer of the 4P15 Kiziltog-Parkent-Yangibozor highway (opposite the central market).

A 24-year-old driver driving a KAMAZ truck, due to failure to maintain a distance and loss of control over the speed, hit two Cobalt, Spark and Lasetti cars in front, which stopped in front of a pedestrian crossing.

No casualties were reported as a result of the traffic accident.

Currently, investigations into this fact are being carried out.

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