SOCIETY | 12:27 / 27.06.2024
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Spark driver intentionally hits scooter driver in Tashkent (video)

On the evening of June 26, a video appeared on social networks, which shows how the Spark driver on Amir Temur Street in Tashkent, while chasing a scooter rider, commits several gross violations of the Traffic Rules and deliberately knocks him down.

Photo: Frame from the video

The car (number 01 K 316 LC) overtakes the cars standing on the red line on the right in the bus lane, drives across all lanes to the left behind the scooter, follows it into the oncoming lane and catches up with it there. The scooter rider falls.

The capital’s traffic police department reported in the evening that the driver of the Spark, 34-year-old B.I., “collided” with a scooter driven by 24-year-old B.A. The scooter driver was injured and was taken to the hospital.

It is not reported what measures have been taken against the car driver. The traffic police noted that they had begun an investigation and called on all drivers to “follow the established rules and maintain a distance when driving”.

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