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Entrepreneurs demand action against power companies for frequent power cuts

Entrepreneur in the IT sector, Abduqahhor Toshmuhamedov, expressed concern during an open dialogue with officials that there has been a daily power outage since the beginning of summer. "IT begins with electricity and ends when it cuts off," he said. Business ombudsman Dilmurod Kosimov indicated that a proposal is being developed to hold power companies responsible if they cut off electricity without warning, in cases not related to emergencies.

In preparation for the president's open dialogue with entrepreneurs, an open meeting with businesspersons from the financial, legal, consulting, IT, and communication sectors was held on June 29.

During the meeting, IT entrepreneur Abduqahhor Toshmuhamedov spoke about the daily power cuts since the start of summer.

"IT begins with electricity and ends when it's gone. If agreements with the electricity networks could include penalties... Because since summer started, there's a 3-4 hour power cut every day. Commercial rates have been introduced, but their accountability is still absent. Power cuts out at the same time every day, and this needs to be regulated. We have responsibilities before our foreign partners (we work with more than ten countries), in cases of power or internet outages," said the entrepreneur.

Responding to his proposal, business ombudsman Dilmurod Kosimov said that this issue is not only in the IT sector but in all business areas.

"We are preparing a proposal indeed, concerning the responsibility issue if 'Elektroset' (National Power Grid JSC) cuts off power without warning. But it gets turned off every day, there could be malfunctions. No one gives guarantees. But if they shut off without any warning or in other situations, there must be accountability. Because you are entrepreneurs, your work could be halted. We are working on a proposal regarding accountability," said the business representative.

Previously, it was decided that new tariffs for electricity and natural gas, to be approved in 2026, would be in effect for at least 3 years.

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