SOCIETY | 14:55 / 03.07.2024
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Japan to allocate 3 billion yen for Uzbekistan's healthcare and development programs

The Japanese ambassador to Uzbekistan and Investment Minister Laziz Kudratov signed Exchange Notes within the framework of gratuitous aid.

On July 2 of this year, Mr. Hattori Takashi, the Japanese ambassador to Uzbekistan, and Laziz Kudratov, Uzbekistan's Minister of Investments, Industry, and Trade, signed Exchange Notes within the framework of Japan's government-provided 3 billion yen "Economic and Social Development Programs" gratuitous aid.

It is reported that within the framework of this program, Uzbekistan will be provided with four mobile medical containers equipped with a CT scanner, X-ray machine, and other medical equipment, which will enable mobile medical services throughout the Republic.

In addition, this program is expected to facilitate access to medical services for the population in remote areas, strengthen the healthcare and medical service delivery system, and contribute to the economic and social development of Uzbekistan.

"The Japanese government will continue to develop cooperation aimed at improving the quality of medical services in Uzbekistan," the report said.

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