SOCIETY | 12:19 / 05.07.2024
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Central Bank reports decline in inflation expectations among population and businesses

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan has provided new data on inflation expectations among the population, which have decreased by 1.2% to 12.8%. Among businesses, this indicator fell by 0.8% to 11.9%.

At the same time, perceived inflation among the population decreased to 13.4% (-0.6%).

In April and May, the figures were the same, standing at 14%. However, these are still low numbers compared to January 2023, when inflation expectations among the population exceeded 19%.

According to economist Otabek Bakirov, the lack of comprehensive data, meaning their fragmentary nature, casts doubt on the Central Bank's figures about the sharp decrease in inflation expectations and perceived inflation.

He noted that no data has been provided on the goods and services with the highest price increases, nor information broken down by regions.

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