SOCIETY | 16:08 / 08.07.2024
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Yandex plans to open an office in Tashkent, launch IT internships and programming schools

Yandex Uzbekistan is preparing to open an office in Tashkent this fall. 

The office will bring together employees working on Yandex Go urban services, educational, entertainment, and other services in Uzbekistan. The company expects this will accelerate the launch of new products and scale the operations of existing ones in the country, Spot writes with reference to the company’s representative.

Yandex also plans to recruit young developers from Uzbekistan for an IT internship program. Through this initiative, the company aims to expand its own talent pool and facilitate the training of specialists for the industry as a whole.

In addition to internships, as part of its IT education program, the company intends to open new programming schools for high school students. It will also offer programming courses and Python language teaching materials to computer science teachers.

Yandex considers Uzbekistan a priority market. The company notes the favorable conditions created for the development of IT companies and the digital services sector.

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