SOCIETY | 18:16 / 29.01.2024
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Uzbekistan to abandon production of AI-80 gasoline from 2025

In the capital, harm from trucks, cars older than 10 years and fuel below the Euro-4 standard will be reduced.

Reportedly, Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting dedicated to the spheres of housing, construction, utilities, transport and ecology.

The President instructed PM Abdulla Aripov to work on the issue of abandoning AI-80 gasoline from 2025, the press service of the head of state reports.

It was noted at the meeting that traffic jams in the capital negatively affect the quality of atmospheric air, since cars stuck in traffic jams pollute the environment more than moving vehicles.

In Tashkent, the negative impact on the environment caused by trucks, cars older than 10 years and fuel of a standard below Euro-4 will be reduced.

Mirziyoyev also emphasized the need to accelerate work on the development of public transport in Uzbekistan. When purchasing buses, more attention will be paid to their passenger capacity, and in the capital's metro it is planned to increase the number of cars on trains.

In addition, to support “green energy”, prevent environmental problems and reduce harmful consequences, a system will be introduced to encourage the population to switch to electric vehicles.

Recently, the Ministry of Environment proposed to ban AI-80 gasoline and fuel oil in Tashkent. To clean the air, the need was noted to stimulate the transition to electric vehicles, limit construction and traffic.

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