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Joint Venture “UzEraeCable” in Navoi
12:38 / 18.06.2016

The production of cables for the automotive industry and the energy sector on the Uzbek-South Korean joint venture “UzEraeCable” in the free industrial economic zone “Navoi” is increased every year.

Under the leadership of the President of our country special attention is focused on the development of new industries, creating a favorable business environment, further support entrepreneurship. Wide opportunities for domestic and foreign entrepreneurs as well as in FIEZ "Navoi" are created.

Today, a number of joint ventures effectively operate in the economic zone, established in accordance with the decree of the Head of our state from December 2, 2008, and occupies 560 hectares. Among them is the Uzbek-Chinese-Singapore joint venture “Telecom Innovations”, which produces devices to receive digital television signals, ADSL-modems, DSLAM-equipment and mastered the production of a new type of devices for the reception of digital signals - IPTV and new modems series “Home gateway”. Subsidiary enterprise “Poliethilen kuvurlar” today is the leader in the production of competitive products. The Uzbek-Indian joint venture “O'zMinda” produced 24 kinds of spare parts for cars of the “GM-Uzbekistan”. At the enterprise, capable to annually produce 250 thousand pieces of spare parts for cars, realize new prospective projects.

The joint venture “UzEraeCable” produces 41 kinds of cables for domestic cars and utility cables of different sizes. In 2012, the company in accordance with the localization program mastered the production of the battery harness to cars of "Cobalt" brand. Today are also made harnesses for cars "Ravon-Nexia".

At the end of last year, the enterprise has established a new production. The workshop is equipped with Italian technology, based on the localization program produces more than 100 tons of enameled copper wires per year. The products of workshop, which employs about 10 young professionals, are used in the manufacture of electric motors and automotive alternators.


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