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Lessons from Masters
11:02 / 02.07.2016

Italian opera master Renato Bruson and Russia choreographer Danil Salimbayev taught a week-long master class at the Alisher Navoi Opera and Ballet Theater while dancers honed their moves.

The Italian baritone Renato Bruson in his workshops with solo performers emphasized singing techniques, understanding a music piece and an ability to convey its idea to the audience as well as creating images and characters.

“Bruson’s distinctive features are expressiveness and sense of loyalty to the composing style. This big-name opera master’s visit to Tashkent is very important for our performers,” says Andrei Slonim, leading conductor of the theater. “These have been remarkable master classes that benefitted the young and experienced performers immensely.”

“This is my first time in Uzbekistan,” said Bruson. “During the training sessions I was able to see that Uzbek opera is on a high level and you have a lot of talented young people. I tried not just to explain how to sing, but provided visual demonstrations. We talked not only about traditions but also modern trends because art keeps moving and evolving.”

The other Russian professional, Danil Salimbayev, is working with dancers. Salimbayev has staged over fifty dance numbers for the teams of the Mariinsky, Mikhailovsky and other theaters and dance schools in Russia. He has since 2011 been the art director of the ballet troupe of the Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater.

“Each image in unique in ballet,” says Kurkmas Sogatov, the chief choreographer of the Alisher Navoi Theater. “The master classes being held help the performers understand  the significance of each choreographed image while inspiring the boys and girls to hone their skills.

The project overseen by the Ministry of Culture and Sports will run until the end of the week.


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