Promptly and Effectively
11:53 / 09.07.2016

The State Customs Committee has held a workshop on introduction of information and communication technologies in the activity of customs bodies, and expansion of the list of online services.

The State Customs Committee provides 17 interactive services online. Through personal accounts the participants of foreign economic activity can access the information they need and follow the process of customs clearance online. There is a procedure of distance presentation and processing of declarations, and documents for goods and vehicles.

Information and communication technologies have been broadly introduced. Customs authorities run a unified automated information system, which incorporates 32 information systems. It ensures prompt and easy document processing and monitoring the correct collection of customs duties, and organization of customs control of goods and vehicles.

Businesses entities are provided with access to the unified electronic information system of foreign trade operations. This year, it has been finilized and relaunched. The FEA-Contract program was developed for foreign trade activity, which is available free of charge through a Single Portal of Online Public Services and the web site of the State Customs Committee. 


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