Farmers concluded 442 Contracts within Territorial Fruits and Vegetables Trade Fair in Karshi
15:01 / 03.11.2016

About 500 farms engaged in gardening, vegetable farming and melon cultivating, processing enterprises and agricultural firms presented their products in the Territorial Fruits and Vegetables Trade Fair, which was held in Karshi. 

In our country in the process of reforming the agricultural sector special attention is focused on the development of farmers' movement, an increase in the volume of harvesting, processing and export of fruit and vegetable and melon production. The resolution of the First President of our country Islam Karimov “On measures on improving system of procurement and use of fruits, vegetables, potatoes and melons” from April 12, 2016, serves as an important guide to action in this direction. 

There are more than one thousand farms and agricultural companies involved in horticulture and gardening in Kashkadarya region. Last year, they harvested 134 thousand tons of potatoes, 106 thousand tons of cucurbitaceous crops, 106 thousand tons of fruit and 71 thousand tons of grapes. Over the past period of this year, were exported more than 25 thousand tons of fruit and vegetables. The current fair has played an important role in the further development of partnerships between local producers and entreprises-exporters. 

During the fair, were signed 442 contracts for the supply of 56 thousand 511 tons of fruits and vegetables for 84 billion 669 million soums