14:48 / 26.12.2018
UMS becomes the operator of governmental mobile communications

UMS is working on the introduction of government mobile communications, creation and development of a data processing center for the provision of governmental electronic services, General Director Sobir Aripov declared on Tueasday.

A unique national project management information system, UzChat messenger and blockchain-solutions for the public sector will be created on the UMS platform. Jointly with the National Project Management Agency (NPMA) under the President, the development of a concept for the improvement of UMS for 2019–2021 has begun. The document will become a roadmap on the strategic development of mobile communications and digital services in Uzbekistan.

“Providing the members and employees of the government with mobile communications is another strategic direction for UMS,” commercial director of the operator Lola Filatova said. “Tariff plans for governmental mobile communications will be launched by the end of December, now preparatory work is underway. It is expected that governmental officials will be connected to them in stages. ”

The peculiarity of the governmental communication will be “exceptional access” to the government corporate messenger UzChat. The application is developed by NPMA and is “the first innovative national development in the field of messengers,” the program said.

It supports all functions of the modern messengers, including voice and video calls. It also allows organizing group video conferencing. The maximum number of users in the conference can reach up to 256 people. This will allow conducting video meetings and conferences online.

The transmitted data - voice and video - is protected cryptographically and provided with complete confidentiality both in Uzbekistan and beyond its borders, the reportage stated. The program can also be installed on the computer.

A server is used in Uzbekistan for communications. Information is stored on the server in an encrypted form and is not available even to the administrator of the messenger, the program pointed out.

The introduction of UzChat is expected to increase the speed of information exchange between civil servants.

From April 1, 2019, governmental mobile communications will become mandatory for employees of the government and diplomatic missions abroad. Its first users will be employees of the National Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs.

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