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12:23 / 28.12.2018 364

TV channel “History of Uzbekistan” will be created

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev in his address to the parliament cited the words of our great ancestors and drew the attention of the meeting participants to the need to develop the national idea, which is a source of inspiration and strength in achieving our lofty goals.

He stressed that a deep study of the ancient and rich history of our Motherland, the intensification of research work in this direction is important as never before.

“We must pay special attention to bringing the invaluable legacy of our great scientists, poets and writers, thinkers and theologians, the exploits of brave commanders to the younger generation and strengthen our children’s patriotism and national pride,” the president said.

“The national TV and radio company with the involvement of the scientific community and the creative intelligentsia will be responsible for communicating the national program to the public,” the head of state noted.

In this regard, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Academy of Sciences and other organizations have been given relevant instructions.