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Investors propose creating a casino in Muinak

Photo: Unsplash

Investors proposed to create a casino in Muinak. This is reported by Surayyo Rakhmonova, head of the press service of the Prosecutor General's Office.

According to her, investors offer a variety of projects for the socio-economic development of Muinak. The Prosecutor General’s Office, together with other departments and ministries, is studying all these proposals.

One of the offers made is related to casino (gambling) business. According to Rakhmonova, all aspects of the possibility of implementing this proposal are being studied.

Some preliminary information indicates that it will not be only a casino, but rather a gambling zone - a special administrative and territorial facility, where it is permitted to organize and conduct gambling.

As a rule, any gambling activity outside such zones is prohibited, and the zones themselves are located outside the public settlements. They exist in many countries, for example, in Russia. 

It should be noted that at present casino business is forbidden in Uzbekistan.