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22:40 / 14.03.2019 265

Airbus A320neo performs its first flight en route Tashkent-Baku

Photo: NAC Uzbekistan

According to the press service of the NAC Uzbekistan Airways, the newly purchased Airbus A320neo performed its first flight today en route Tashkent-Baku.

The plane is equipped with a communication system, Wi-Fi, monitors for each passenger and an improved air conditioning system.

The new aircraft is designed for 150 passengers (business class -12, economy class - 138). The flight range of the airliner has been increased from 4.5 thousand to more than 5 thousand km, which will make it possible to cover the entire Central European region with flights.

The following flights scheduled for the Airbus A320neo are flights from Tashkent to St. Petersburg and to Moscow.