17:21 / 06.04.2019
Plant Protection Day may appear in Uzbekistan
Photo: Depositphotos

A petition on holding Plant Protection Day in Uzbekistan has appeared in the collective reference portal “My opinion”.

It is noted that every year many plant species are lost due to various diseases and human impact.

“Such issues are likely to cause their extinction, if preventive measures are not taken timely. The damage done to nature can be seen today in every part of the world. We can see storms and other natural disasters everywhere. In my opinion, the protection of plants is a duty for each of us,” writes the author.

Therefore, it is recommended to set a certain day for plant protection.

“If a Plant Protection Day is specified with a certain regulation or by some law, and propagation activities on increasing the care for nature is intensified, it will contribute to the preservation of the natural habitat in our country,” noted in the document.

“Please keep in mind, plants and trees are the source of our lives,” the petition says.

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