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People propose to build a bridge for vehicles over the Amudarya River

Photo: LiveJournal

A petition on the construction of a bridge for vehicles over the Amudarya River was announced on the collective reference portal “My opinion”. 

It is noted that construction of a bridge over the Amudarya River in the Kipchak town of the Amudarya district will create facilities for 200,000 residents of the district and population of the Khorezm region. 

“The current pontoon bridge does not fully comply with security requirements. Every day many passengers cross the bridge. If the river water increases or decreases, the welded areas get damaged, then the bridge is usually closed until it is ready for use again. The population will have to wait hours for the bridge to function. In Spring, when the ice starts to melt, usage of the bridge will be suspended for a few days. The trip fare will also become higher for the population. A lot of money has been spent for workers on the exploitation and repairs of the bridge,” the petitioner writes. 

It is reported that construction of a new bridge will contribute to the growth of the economy and export potential. It also significantly reduces the travel time and expenses for exporting products and goods from other regions to the Republic of Turkmenistan. A range of amenities will be created in the field of tourism. Additionally, many other possibilities can be created. 

“Taking into account the abovementioned facts, I propose to construct a bridge over the Amudarya River in the town of Kipchak,” the petitioner says.