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14:53 / 06.06.2019 233

Bundestag deputy declares interests of Uzbekistan, Federal Republic of Germany on an Afghan settlement

Photo: Facebook /Nils.Schmid.SPD

The interests of Uzbekistan and Germany coincide in the settlement of the conflict in Afghanistan, a Bundestag deputy and spokesman for the foreign policy faction of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SDPG) Nils Schmid said. 

According to him, he welcomes the efforts of Uzbekistan to achieve balanced external relations with all its neighbors, including China, Russia and the EU.

“It is pleasant to note that recently Uzbekistan has significantly intensified contacts with its close neighbors in Central Asia. Economic progress will be possible only if the neighboring countries support each other, strengthen mutual investments and trade. Ensuring tranquility and security throughout the region is also a prerequisite for such development. Therefore, it is very appropriate and important to note that Uzbekistan is extremely interested in the peace process in Afghanistan. Here our interests coincide. Germany advocates that the people of Afghanistan take the fate into their own hands, stay on the path of independence and freedom, exist as a democratically controlled state in the world and maintain peaceful contacts with their neighbors,” Dunyo news agency quotes the German politician as saying.

The deputy stressed that in Germany, they are impressed with how resolutely Uzbekistan is moving along the path of reforms and democratic transformations, modernizing the economy and society. As he states, the country has opened up to the external world and is seeking to establish close regional and international cooperation.

“Germany eagerly supports all these efforts. We are convinced that strengthening of the rule of law, liberalization of the economy and intensification of relations between the EU and Uzbekistan can have a positive impact on the new path of reforms chosen by the country. We hope that these relations will become even closer, that we will be able to expand our cooperation in the trade-economic, as well as in the socio-political, cultural and humanitarian spheres,” Schmid said.