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18:59 / 10.06.2019 406

Police department penalizes private taxi drivers at Tashkent International Airport

In Tashkent, the Central Internal Affairs Directorate said that they took control of the situation with private taxi drivers at the international airport, who intrusively offered their taxi services and at the same time asked for a price almost three times higher than the actual price.

“Together with representatives of the tax department and the Uzbek Agency for River and Road Transport, on the territory allocated for motor vehicles, regular events are being held to identify taxi drivers working without a license. During the period from May 17 to June 1, 50 private taxi drivers were identified, 24 of them were brought to administrative responsibility under Article 194 (“Failure to comply with legal requirements of an employee of the internal affairs bodies”) of the Administrative Responsibility Code. Explanatory work was carried out with 26 taxi drivers, 42 cars were placed on the penalty area,” the press service of the Central Internal Affairs Directorate said.

However, other illegal taxi drivers use various tricks to deceive the law enforcement bodies. For example, they say that they do not deal with taxi services, but await friends or relatives. Or they send their man closer to the airport exit, and they themselves wait somewhere far away in the car. 

“If you were "attacked" by private taxi drivers upon arrival at the capital’s International Airport, kindly let us know what time you arrived, how the taxi driver looked like, who was obsessively offering you a taxi service. It is even better if you can take a picture of the driver,” the police department said.