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15:40 / 12.06.2019 268

Uzbekistan asks Russia to extend registration period for its citizens from 7 to 15 days 

Uzbekistan asked to extend the registration period of its citizens in the Russian Federation from 7 to 15 days. This issue was discussed in Krasnoyarsk at a meeting of the intergovernmental commission for the development of labor migration, RIA Novosti reports.

Such a registration period is already valid for citizens of Tajikistan, noted in a statement of the Labor Ministry of Uzbekistan.

“It would also be advisable to increase it for our citizens in order to improve the conditions of stay and adaptation during the period of employment in the Russian Federation. The working group took note of the Uzbek side’s proposal on increasing the period of stay of Uzbek citizens in Russia without registration at the place of residence upon arrival,” the representative of the Labor Ministry said.

In addition, Uzbekistan has prepared a draft intergovernmental agreement between the parties on the mutual recognition of a medical conclusion on the health status of migrant workers.

Since December 2017, an agreement on the organized recruitment of labor migrants has been in force between Uzbekistan and Russia. To this end, a representative office of the Interior Ministry of Russia was opened in the republic for the selection of potential workers and for their preliminary training.

According to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, Uzbek migrants make up about one tenth of all those who come to work in the Russian Federation — about 1 million people.