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18:26 / 15.06.2019 287

Territory of Navoi city to be expanded 

Photo: Wikimapia

The city of Navoi will include the Karmana district, which previously belonged to the Navoi region. This is stated in the resolution adopted by the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The territory of the mahallas “Yoshlik” (1071.44 hectares) and “Vark” (26.14 hectares) will now belong to the city of Navoi.

Earlier, it was reported that Tashkent's borders would be expanded thanks to joining a part of the Zangiata district. The mahallas “Past darkhon”, “Yukori darkhon” and “Toshkent” of the Zangiata district in the Tashkent region are now part of the capital's Sergeli district.