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16:06 / 18.06.2019 1187

Uzmetkombinat implements program to improve environmentally friendly production capacity

Uzmetkombinat is implementing a large-scale program to improve the environmentally friendly production capacity. This year alone, over 100 environmental protection measures are planned, the company’s press service reported.

“Today at the combine, all sources of harmful emissions into the atmosphere are equipped with dust and gas cleaning facilities. Last year, an audit and repair work of the equipment was carried out on all of these installations. In particular, soft seals and inserts on air vents were replaced, and air leaks on flange joints were eliminated. In the electric steel-making shop, 56 bag filters, as well as dust and gas trapping plants in an electric arc furnace were replaced,” deputy head of the department for ecology and environmental protection at the plant Konstantin Dudarev said.

According to him, the department for ecology of the enterprise conducts continuous monitoring of emissions of harmful substances into the environment, storage and disposal of industrial waste, ensures the preservation of green spaces and land resources.

Last year, 41 environmental protection measures were developed and successfully implemented in all of the workshops and departments of the plant, of which 14 were for the protection of the water basin, the same number – for air protection and 13 – for the protection of flora and land resources.

“At the site for the preparation of enameled powder in the production of consumer goods, the irrigation nozzles of the dust and gas extraction unit of the melting furnace were repaired. In the motor vehicle workshop, we transferred several cars to the compressed natural gas. On the asphalt area, the unit for the production of a special mixture instead of fuel oil was also transferred to gas fuel. We have achieved that we ensure the fulfillment of all the established standards for industrial waste,” the expert noted.

Great efforts in this direction are being made this year. The plant has planned 104 environmental protection measures, 33 of which have already been implemented. Considering the importance of this work, not a single division of the enterprise has been left aside, each one is assigned a project to protect the environment.

“All these efforts are being undertaken to ensure that our plant’s activities comply with clean development mechanisms, and the negative impact on the environment has been minimized. Today the enterprise meets the leading international standards in this direction,” Dudarev concluded.

For information, Uzmetkombinat is a leading enterprise of ferrous metallurgy in the republic. This year it "turned" 75 years old. In July 2017, the foreign company SFI Management Group was involved as a trustee manager of the state share in the authorized capital of the combine.