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Export of chili peppers exceeds export of cars by three times

On January 27, 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted a resolution on the cultivation of chili pepper in Uzbekistan based on foreign experience.

Then it was planned to bring seeds from Indonesia and allocate 17,117 hectares of land plots for planting pepper. It was expected that more than 200,000 tons of yield would be harvested from this area.

The “Qalampir” (Pepper) company was established under the JSC Uzbekozikovkatkholding. It dealt with the issues of providing farmers, engaged in the cultivation of pepper, with funds and financial-technical resources on a contractual basis. It engaged in the processing of hot pepper and its export.

Now, after almost 18 months, it became known that the export of hot peppers has increased dramatically. Thus, in January-May 2019, Uzbekistan exported peppers for $51 million, which is 13.4 times more compared to the same period last year.

Moreover, the export of hot peppers continues to grow, as in January-March it was $25 million or 10 times more than last year.

Export of chili peppers in monetary terms exceeded export of passenger cars ($17.2 million), processed fruits and vegetables ($12.8 million), leather raw materials ($10.4 million) and was preceded by electricity exports ($39.5 million).

Exports of chili pepper in monetary terms exceeded exports of passenger cars ($18.6 million), processed fruit and vegetable products ($22 million), leather raw materials ($26.3 million), and even electricity ($47.2 million).