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15:15 / 20.06.2019 377

Tax authorities of Tashkent recover 174.8 billion soums of debts from construction companies

Construction companies have become leaders in tax arrears, the press service of the State Tax Committee reports.

Since the beginning of the year, the tax authorities of the capital have recovered 487.6 billion soums of debts from 12,765 companies - 174.8 billion of which were in the construction sector.

For example, 1.2 billion soums of accumulated debts were recovered from the company “Ko’prikqurilishbutlash” in the Chilanzar district, and 3.2 billion soums from the SUE “Toshkent issiqlik markazi” in the Mirzo-Ulugbek district.

In addition, in Tashkent, 21 billion soums were collected from 1,560 individual entrepreneurs, and another 1.7 billion soums from 3.250 citizens.