22:15 / 26.06.2019
Ministry of Employment annuls test results of labor migrants leaving for South Korea

The Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations of Uzbekistan canceled test results of applicants who sat exams for employment in the Republic of Korea.

On June 24, in order to monitor the activities of competence assessment centers, the Agency for External Labor Migration, acting as a working body of the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, organized tests of knowledge of the Korean language for persons who have been selected through random selection process.

“Due to technical reasons (failure of the testing equipment), the test results were not recorded and declared invalid, in connection with which the ministry apologizes to the citizens undergoing the testing process,” the ministry said. 

Persons guilty of the situation were subject to disciplinary action.

On June 28, citizens, who will again be chosen through random selection process, will be retested at the ministerial building. Citizens’ expenses related to participation in the test will be covered by the Agency for External Labor Migration.