18:32 / 27.06.2019
Over 66,000 modern garbage cans to be installed in Tashkent

SUE “Makhsustrans” and Tashkent city administration are planning to install more than 66,000 modern garbage cans, the company reports on its Facebook page.

“Makhsustrans” will be responsible not only for the installation, but also for maintenance of the dustbins. This proposal was submitted to the Tashkent city administration and it is being considered now.

It is planned to build 10 modern underground modules. 11 waste collection points will be reconstructed, 220 waste collection points will be repaired.

Earlier, it was reported that Uzbekistan intends to bring the processing of solid household waste up to 60% by 2028, in accordance with the presidential decree on approval of the Strategy for management of solid household waste (SHW) in Uzbekistan for 2019-2028.