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20:37 / 28.06.2019 319

Shavkat Mirziyoyev visits Tashkent Mechanical Plant 

On June 28, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Tashkent Mechanical Plant located in the Yashnabad district, the presidential said.

Today, around 10 enterprises operate here, more than 2,500 people work. However, this does not correspond to the potential of this huge complex, which covers an area of 141 hectares. A technopark has been organized at the plant for effective implementation of its capabilities. 

The head of state got acquainted with the presentation of projects to be implemented in the technopark.

So, in 2019-2020, it is planned to commission 16 enterprises with a total value of almost $385 million. They will produce more than 1 million washing machines, 1 million cookers, the same amount of household refrigerators, 75,000 commercial refrigerators and freezers, 700,000 electric water heaters, 550,000 hydraulic pumps, 80,000 industrial air conditioners, 2,000 elevators and escalators as well as aluminum and bimetallic radiators, accessories, sandwich panels, linoleum and other products. It is expected that about 9,000 jobs will be created and export of products will amount to nearly $185 million per year. 

The President noted that for the stable operation of enterprises, regular customers are needed, it would be possible to establish cooperation with factories abroad, manufacture products and spare parts demanded by them. Instructions are given on development of new projects, rational allocation of production, taking into account the needs of jobs and available resources.