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15:45 / 12.07.2019 218

Nigmatilla Yuldashev intends to form “people’s prosecutor’s office”

On July 8-9, the Prosecutor General of Uzbekistan Nigmatilla Yuldashev visited Karakalpakstan and the Khorezm region in order to accelerate the development of entrepreneurship, effective use of vacant buildings and production areas, familiarized himself with the semi-annual activities of prosecutors.

According to the press service of the supervisory authority, during the visit, meetings were organized with 195 business entities to create favorable conditions for accelerated development of entrepreneurship, elimination of existing barriers and problems of commercial banks.

The main focus of the meetings was solving the problems of regional and republican levels.

In particular, during the dialogues, measures were taken to accelerate the resolution of issues raised by entrepreneurs related to the allocation of loans, acquisition of buildings at zero value and on a preferential basis, provision of electricity and natural gas, allocation of land, obtaining licenses and permits.

In addition, reports of the interdepartmental commissions of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the Khorezm region on organization of the effective use of vacant buildings and production areas were heard, corresponding tasks were identified to eliminate the existing shortcomings.

At the same time, during the visit, activities of the prosecutors’ offices of Karakalpakstan and the Khorezm region were studied.

At the extended meeting of the board of prosecutors’ office, the results of the study were critically discussed, some shortcomings in the organization of activities and strengthening the rule of law in the region were considered.

“Relevant instructions were given on organizing the execution of the urgent tasks of prosecuting authorities to protect the rights of citizens, women and minors in need of social protection, ensure the rule of law in healthcare and medical care, fully promote the implementation of 5 initiatives put forward by the president, protect the rights of entrepreneurs, implement strict control over implementation of the programs “Prosperous village”, “Prosperous mahalla”, “Youth – our future” and “Every family – entrepreneur”, identification and suppression of crimes and offenses,” the press service stated.

Specific activities have been identified, aimed at preventing corruption, forming a “people’s prosecutor’s office”.