11:40 / 19.07.2019
Gulnara Karimova’s lawyer says he is denied access to his client, claims she is taken to hospital in ambulance

Gulnara Karimova’s Swiss lawyer Gregoire Mangeat writes in his Twitter account that he has been denied access to his client.

According to him, he waited for 6 hours outside the colony in Zangiota to be granted the right to meet with Karimova. However, head of the prison did not let him in to visit her.

Gregoire Mangeat says that while he was waiting outside two ambulances visited the colony.

“According to a reliable source of information, Karimova was in that ambulance which left Zangiota while I was waiting outside to visit her. It appears that she didn’t even know that I was in Uzbekistan,” the lawyer wrote in Twitter.

Earlier on July 16, he stated that meeting with Gulnara Karimova is becoming more and more difficult.

It is noteworthy that many journalists, human rights activists reacted to the situation saying that basic human rights should be respected and ensured.