17:56 / 20.07.2019
Astrakhan State Technical University branch established in Tashkent region
Photo: astu.org

In accordance with the government resolution, a branch of the Astrakhan State Technical University (Russian Federation) has been established in the Tashkent region, the Justice Ministry reported.

According to the resolution, the branch’s main task is to train highly qualified personnel capable of solving the most important scientific-research missions to meet the needs of the fishery sector under the international education standards.

The branch is established by the Head Office. It prepares, retrains and improves the qualification of bachelor and master degree specialists, including scientific-pedagogical personnel, based on the demand for staff.

In the academic year 2019/2020, the Tashkent State Agrarian University, in partnership with ASTU, will continue to train specialists in the Russian group on a bachelor degree in the field of “Water bio-resources and aquaculture”. Students are provided daytime training on a tuition fee basis.

The educational activities of the branch begin in the academic year 2020/2021.

The branch trains specialists in the following bachelor’s degree (master’s degree) programs:

-  Water bio-resources and aquaculture;
-  Ecology and nature use;
-  Technology of fish production and processing;
-  Economy of fishery.

Graduates of the Branch are awarded a diploma of the Astrakhan State Technical University (Russian Federation) and this diploma is recognized as a document of higher education in Uzbekistan.

By August 1, 2020, the Branch will be provided with qualified teaching staff on a competitive selection basis.