19:40 / 09.09.2019
Uzbekistan to ratify an international agreement on media cooperation
Photo: Ramil Sitdikov

On the portal of discussing draft normative-legal acts, the draft resolution of the President of Uzbekistan “On approval of an international agreement” was published.

According to the document, the Agreement on media cooperation between the governments of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization member states, signed in Bishkek on June 14, 2019, may be approved.

The Agency for Information and Mass Communications under the Presidential Administration will be assigned as the authorized body responsible for the implementation of the international agreement.

Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan shall send an appropriate notification on fulfillment of domestic procedures required for the entry into force of this international document and the authorized body responsible for its implementation.

Once the document enters into force, the Cabinet of Ministers, heads of relevant ministries and agencies shall ensure control over fulfillment of obligations of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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