15:15 / 17.09.2019
NGO providing citizens with free legal assistance registered in Uzbekistan 
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On September 12, the Ministry of Justice registered the non-governmental non-profit organization (NGO) “Madad”.

It should be recalled that at the proposal of the Justice Ministry, a resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers “On measures to further improve the system of providing legal information and legal assistance to the population” was adopted. In accordance with this decree, the NGO “Madad” has been established.

Main goal of this institution is to help increase the legal awareness and legal culture of the population by providing them with free legal advice and practical legal assistance.

As the press service of the Justice Ministry reported, by the decision of the founders, Tulkin Tursunov has been appointed to the position of executive director of the non-governmental non-profit organization “Madad”.

NGO “Madad” engages with the followings:

- providing citizens with primary free legal aid, online advice and clarification of legal issues;

- attracting volunteers to work to harmonize the legal knowledge of citizens with socio-political changes;

- analyzing the requests of citizens for the provision of legal advice, developing proposals to improve legislation based on the results of the analysis;

- introducing into practice positive experience of foreign countries and innovative methods to increase legal awareness and legal culture of the population;

- maintenance and constant updating of the legal information portal Advice.uz (e-maslahat.uz).

The institution will provide services through subdivisions organized in 14 regions of the republic, as well as consulting bureaus in districts (cities).

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