22:00 / 15.10.2019
Kazakhstan introduces a ban on export of cattle due to massive import of livestock by Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan has banned the export of livestock from the country for six months, follows from a joint resolution of the Agriculture and Finance ministries of Kazakhstan.

In particular, the ban, which will take effect from October 22, applies to live cattle, calves up to one year old, heifers over one year old, cows, sheep and live goats.

The Ministry of Agriculture was instructed to inform the Eurasian Economic Commission on the application of measures to implement the order.

Earlier, the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan reported that within the framework of the program on the revival of agricultural farming adopted in Uzbekistan, farmers receive loans for the purchase of livestock and are actively buying herds of cattle from Kazakhstan.

According to the Kazakh ministry, this could adversely affect livestock production in the country, because Kazakhstan will not be able to provide food security for meat in the future due to the massive export of herds of cattle.

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