18:14 / 16.10.2019
Stuttgart, CSKA offer €10 million for Eldor Shomurodov 

Kakhor Muminov, Eldor Shomurodov’s football agent, at an interview with Sports.ru, assessed the player’s prospects to leave for one of the European top clubs.

“Stuttgart offered around €10 million. CSKA also made a comparable offer. Here, the right to decide was left to “Rostov”. We agreed to return to the question in winter, we already have a proposal with similar amounts.

But I see that it will be difficult for “Rostov” to start negotiations now, here their position is clear. I have been to Uzbekistan recently, talked with Eldor and his family.

In the summer, we will insist on the transition if the club receives a fair offer from one of the top leagues, because this is what we agreed with “Rostov” when we signed Shomurodov’s contract,” Muminov said.

Statistics of Eldor Shomurodov in this season – 12 games, 10 goals and 2 assists, he did not score only in three matches of “Rostov”.

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