20:45 / 17.12.2019
First deputy chairman of Muslim Board of Uzbekistan appointed
Photo: Muslim Board of Uzbekistan

Today, December 17, an enlarged meeting of the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan was held. It was attended by members of the Supreme Council, heads of religious departments and prominent imams.

The meeting summarized the work done by the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan in 2019. The successes and shortcomings of mosques, religious education institutions, shrines and other organizations in the system were discussed. 

At the meeting, an organizational issue was considered. Reportedly, the candidacy of Khomidjon Ishmatbekov was unanimously approved for the post of the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan.

For information, Khomidjon Ishmatbekov, born in 1970 in Tashkent, studied at the Tashkent Islamic Institute and the Islamic University of Medina. Previously, he worked as head of the Kukaldosh secondary specialized Islamic school, imam-khatib of the mosque “Muhammad Nosir khoji” in Tashkent, head of the Fatwa department at the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan.

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